Monday, July 25, 2016

I'll Lean on Your Promise

Just wanted to give an update on how things are progressing with Catholic Charities. We have been open for about 2 months and have received several calls, just not 'The Call'. A few weeks ago an agency in OKC reached out to CC because they needed Native American homes for two different birthmoms. After a lot of prayer and discussion we decided not to go with either one. We would be switching to an agency that we know little about, there would be additional expenses, and both of the situations had a LOT of red flags. At that time we also met with our caseworker about becoming open with one of Catholic Charities' 'sister locations' in another state (CC #2). however it sounded like an involved process and we just felt like we should stick with Tulsa for now.

That brings us to a couple of weeks ago Friday. I was at work and got a call from CC Tulsa that CC#2 was in need of a home for a drop-in that was currently in labor. After my heart started beating again, I got all of the information she could give me, called the caseworker from CC#2, and then gave all the info to Jason. We talked and prayed a lot all Friday evening. Overall it seemed like a really good situation.  The baby is African American and we've always been open to any race but the reality of this forced us to have a good conversation about the responsibility that would entail and how we would do our best to be educated and seek supportive resources to help us raise her the best that we possibly could. So by Friday night we had agreed that if the situation continued as it was then we were open and willing to accept the placement. Ultimately we prayed over and over that God's Will would be done no matter what; that if it wasn't in His Will then doors would be closed ("slammed shut" to be exact :). Saturday morning our caseworker finally called and let us know that things had not gone as planned...there were some complications at delivery that initially seemed minor but after some discussion it became clear to us that these were some major complications and the baby was in a very serious situation. I was heartbroken. It was such a strange place to be emotionally because the caseworker still hadn't spoken with the birthmom to determine if adoption was even still her plan. So here we are, grieving for this baby without even knowing if she's ours but at the same time now faced with the decision if we can even accept the placement given the new circumstances. A few more hours of not-so-patiently waiting and she finally called back to let us know that the OB involved in the delivery had contacted a waiting adoptive family he knew of (this is actually legal in this other state) and they had already met with the birthmom. The birthmom still spoke with the caseworker from CC but by that evening she had officially selected the local family. By this point it was honestly a relief to us; the decision was taken out of our hands just like we had prayed for. We are sad that we lost what we thought we had Friday night but we are completely confident that the baby is with exactly the family she is supposed to be with. It also forced us to connect with CC#2 and learn that their fees really aren't much higher and the process to become one of their waiting families is pretty simple.

I believe that was a door that needed to be opened so I'm thankful for that. We also reached out to several people who have walked this road before us and we felt very supported and prayed for through that roller coaster weekend. God continues to provide the strength and patience to sustain us through this journey. CC#2 already has some things on the horizon and we can't wait to see where God is leading us and which baby we will finally call ours! Thank you as always for your prayers and support, we couldn't do this without you guys!
love love love this song by Lauren Daigle. It definitely reflects my feelings about receiving God's strength as we wait.
You are my revival
Jesus on you I wait
I'll lean on your promise
You will renew my strength

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